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The Best Hair Salon in Las Vegas—Beautiful Is Always in Style!

Hair Salon

You deserve to look as good on the outside as you feel on the inside, which is what we specialize in at The Untouchables Hair Design! If you aren’t feeling your best on the inside, we aim to give you that little boost of external confidence.

Our transformative salon services are one of the many reasons we were voted by Elle Magazine as one of the Top 100 Salons in America—and considered the best hair salon in Las Vegas by many locals and frequent visitors.

What’s The Difference Between Designing and Styling?

Styling is all about elevating your existing hair while designing is all about reimagining your look! If all you need is a traditional service, we’ve got you covered—and will elevate and refine your cut and shape. If you are ready to take your look to the next level, we work with you to curate your signature style.

Since we opened our doors in 1987, we’ve established ourselves as artists who design your hair to curate a unique look. We keep up with the latest trends and specialize in creating transformational looks.

So Much More Than a Hair Cut!

Our services are an investment in yourself. Whether it’s your first time visiting us or one of many, we begin every appointment with a consultation. This is where we inspect the health of your hair and discuss your hair history. If you have a color or design in mind, bring photos with you. Once we identify where your hair is and where you want it to be, we share our suggestions.

This includes:

  • How to repair damage.
  • The best shapes for your hair texture, hair type, and the shape of your face.
  • Products designed for your hair texture and current condition.
  • Short-term steps for your long-term beauty objectives.
  • The difference between the services that will achieve your hair goals.

Beyond Color

Your color options are endless! Not only have there never been more colors to choose from, but there are endless ways to curate a signature color story. When color goes wrong, it can severely damage your hair—so don’t do it yourself and do book with the best hair salon in Las Vegas!

Liven up your natural color—if you love your natural hair color, we can intensify it, make it shine with a glossing treatment, or make it pop with a shadow smudge, highlights, or lowlights.

Color correction—from DIY jobs gone bad to a salon that didn’t get your style or returning to your drastically darker or lighter natural hair color.

Trending techniques—we can take you platinum blonde, curate a signature balayage or foil-liage, or transition to a bold pop of color.

Grey specialists—we can hide your grey or embrace your gray by intensifying the color or contrast. Or you can hop on the silver-grey color trend.

Colored extensions—we dive into extensions more below, but they are one of many ways to mix up your hair color without dying your hair.

Undetectable Hair Extensions

Installing hair extensions is more than a skill, it’s an art form. With the right extension technician, you can add length and volume, and maybe some creative pops of color.

  • Your technician must be trained and tenured and truly care for your hair.
  • Extensions must be installed in a manner that won’t damage your hair.
  • Your extension must match your hair density, texture, and shade to perfection.

During your consultation, we discuss everything you need to know to make an informed decision. If you’ve had a bad extension experience in the past, we provide the peace of mind that you are in good hands.

Full-Service Glam

We wouldn’t be the best hair salon in Las Vegas if we didn’t provide full-service glam. We ensure you look your best for weddings, anniversaries, concerts, parties, and other special events. This includes styling your hair and professional makeup application.

Don’t forget to take a photo in what you’ll be wearing and to bring photos of what you have in mind. If you aren’t sure what glam look to create, we’ll advise on your top options.

Straighten and smooth—from a bone-straight blowout to a silky keratin smoothing treatment.

Texture—create gorgeous waves, flowing curls, or bouncy body that holds all night.

Full volume—volumize your natural hair or we can add clip-ins for volume and length.

Intricate up-do—from sleek and chic to romantic, edgy, or an elevated take on your daily look.

Accessorize to personalize—we can add colored clip-in extensions, flowers, beads, crystals, and other decorative hair accessories.

Makeup application—we ensure you are HD photo-ready with a flawless finish. From barely there to an intense smoky eye, glitter, a bold red lip, pops of color, or anything to perfect your look.

Book Your Transformation Now!

Beauty is always in style! As the best hair salon in Las Vegas, we can elevate your existing look or completely transform your style. We are a go-to for locals and those just passing through. Book now!